Who hasn't dreamed about leaving their career (and their boss) behind to start their own business? According to home-based business experts Paul and Sarah Edwards, 7 in 10 Americans at some time in their lives want to be their own boss--and a large number of those people want a high-potential business they can start at home.

And, for many millions of people, that's exactly what has happened. They have quit their jobs to follow their dreams--leaving behind the security of a regular paycheck and a cushy benefits package with an established company. They are among the more than 28 million small businesses in the United States responsible for creating two out of three new jobs in the economy --most by people just like you who decided to become their own boss.

But do you have what it takes to succeed and be happy running your own home-based business? The following 25 habits are necessary to start and grow a highly successful home-based business. Which ones do you have, and which need a little work? The more of these habits you can say "Yes" to, the greater your chance of success.

1. I am persistent.

2. When I'm interested in a project, I need less sleep.

3. When there's something I want, I keep my goal clearly in mind.

4. I like to examine mistakes and I learn from them.

5. I like to make and keep New Year's resolutions.

6. I have a strong personal need to succeed.

7. I have lots of new and different ideas.

8. I am comfortable adapting to changing circumstances.

9. I am curious.

10. I am intuitive.

11. If something can't be done, I find a way.

12. I see problems as challenges.

13. I like taking calculated chances.

14. I'll gamble on a good idea, even if it isn't a sure thing.

15. To learn something new, I will explore unfamiliar subjects.

16. I can recover from emotional setbacks.

17. I feel sure of myself to travel into unfamiliar territory.

18. I'm a positive person, even when things are challenging.

19. I like to experiment with new ways to do things.

20. I don't mind undergoing sacrifices to attain possible long-term rewards.

21. I like to do things my own way.

22. I don't mind having the buck stop with me.

23. I don't mind being alone.

24. I like to be in control.

25. I have a reputation for being stubborn.