Have you ever wondered what makes some people more successful than others? Do they, like Popeye, consume a can of spinach before fighting the day's battles? How many cups of coffee do they ingest a day? What exactly do successful people do that's different from everyone else?

1. Live a balanced life

People who go far in life know how to maintain a healthy balance of things. They spend time with their families, and pursue their passions, while also taking on a heavy workload. They make time for work as well as for play-without sacrificing time for themselves in between.

Many times, when we take on responsibilities, we forgo something else in order to make time for our new commitment. Leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle, however, is undoubtedly the surest way to success. So, keep your friends, families, and small life joys in mind when increasing your workload. Otherwise, the success you may receive is not the kind that truly brings fulfillment.

2. Look forward

Successful people never look back excessively on their past mistakes. They learn from what they have done wrong before in order to create more efficient strides moving forward.

If we get too caught up in our past, we end up stuck in a place of regret-a place that is very difficult to develop motivation in. Continually moving forward keeps us in the present, something that is a surefire way to better and brighter futures.

3. Wake up early

If we don't wake up early enough, we begin each morning with a sense of lateness-something that can only contribute to a disorientation that continues throughout the day. The feeling of perpetually trying to catch up is one that is often a huge hindrance to effective future results. When we're not on top of what we're currently doing, how could we honestly do anything else we need to better?

Improvement, as we know, is the unfailing key to success. Improvement, however, cannot be achieved if we don't know and maintain a stable sense of direction every single day. Wake up early, give yourself enough time to find your place in the world each morning, and have better days.

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