Contrary to what many people think, the key to success is not toiling away at a 9-to-5 job from which you take no pleasure. Take it from Warren Buffett himself: "The secret to reliable, sustainable success does not come from forcing yourself to do something you don't love. In fact, true achievement comes from the opposite of that--doing something you do love."

In his well-known 1998 speech at the University of Florida, Buffett said, "I get to work in a job I love, but I have always worked at a job that I loved. I loved it just as much when I thought it was a big deal to make money." Buffett, the wildly successful business magnate, tycoon, and investor, may actually be onto something here.

When we do things we care about and activities we are passionate about, we give our all endlessly. Working hard, in these cases, never feels like a chore. Instead, it feels like something we're meant to do--something we actively seek out.

"I urge you to work in jobs that you love. I think you are out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don't like because you think it will look good on your resume," Buffett shared, divulging a bit of his personal story to the audience. "When I first got out of Columbia Business School, I wanted to go work for [Benjamin Graham's partnership] immediately, for nothing. He thought I was overpriced. But I kept pestering him. I sold securities for three years, and I kept writing him. And finally I went to work for him for a couple years. It was a great experience. But I always worked in a job that I loved doing. You should always take a job that, if you were independently would take."

We should take Buffett's advice to heart because he obviously has a very good grasp on the advice he is giving. We should choose workplaces that will enrich our lives emotionally and spiritually--not just professionally. Next time you're questioning whether or not you're on the right path to success, remember Buffett's words and choose with your heart those jobs you will love.