In today's dynamically changing world, it can feel difficult--sometimes even frightening--to branch out of our comfort zones. We want to stay with our loved ones, to remain close to those that bring us stability in times of dramatic happenings throughout the world. Some of us might even change our major plans, postponing leaving the country to visit old family, friends, and places that we've otherwise been dying to see.

The problem with this mentality, however, is that, in reality, all we're really doing is making excuses for our inaction. We're telling ourselves that it's okay that we can't do exciting things--things we've always wanted to do--because of how scary it is to partake in adventure. But wouldn't that fear more effectively serve as a catalyst for letting us do the exact opposite?

When we're faced with uncertainty--namely, an uncertainty of our future or even our present--we have the tendency to recede into ourselves. However, what would make most sense is that we change the fear we might be feeling and turn it into productivity. Rather than sitting at home, wishing for things to get better, we can take the world into our hands and just do what we want ourselves. After all, wouldn't you have less to lose that way?

Even though there's never really a good time to travel--your kids might not be on vacation; you might have just received a job offer that would change the scope of your everyday life--it's no excuse not to embark on whatever adventure you've been craving. In reality, when we deprive ourselves of a break from the mundane, in the form of exploration and foreign encounters, we ultimately find ourselves growing uninspired and dry. We find ourselves growing bored, tired of a seemingly endless cycle we'll never be able to break.

We let ourselves be trapped in by our own excuses, worries and fears--ultimately falling into the very things we wanted to escape from. If we wouldn't let the prospect of rain derail our day, why would we put our entire lives at a standstill?

Naturally, we should proceed with precaution and take extra care when visiting places that may be impacted by today's political changes. But we should forge on all the same--we should travel, explore, and escape. Sometimes, it's the only way to catch a break.