Millennials are often thought of as selfish and entitled--the exact opposite of what we consider generosity. However, this upcoming generation may actually be much more giving than we previously believed.

A recent Reason-Rupe report found that, of 2,500 millennial employees surveyed, 84% had made a charitable donation in 2014. The most striking thing about this statistic, however, is that of those givers, a whopping 78% had made donations of their own accord.

In contrast to our previous generation, millennials no longer feel compelled to give solely through obligation. As AOL former executive Jean Case puts it, "The old-style, top-down strategies...for charitable giving coming from the CEO just don't resonate with this generation."

Just because millennials aren't doing things the old-fashioned way doesn't make their actions any less worthy of recognition. It's in our nature to shy away from change, labeling brand-new methods of giving as "rebellious" or "inefficient."

Without giving this generation a chance, how could we know what would best work for them?

In fact, the 2015 Millennial Impact Report found that 70% of millennials spent at least an hour of their time last year volunteering for a cause they were passionate about. A generous 77% of millennials have reported that they're likely to volunteer when their specific skill set or expertise can benefit a cause.

Perhaps it turns out that our highly criticized millennials weren't so self-centered, after all.

Although the rising generation is very well known for their egotistical idealism--a characteristic that can be, at times, quite crippling, it is important to remember that being idealistic does not automatically indicate inaction. Working a little day by day is enough to change the world.

Wanting to have such a broad impact to better the lives of others cannot possibly be a selfish trait, can it?

Every day, millennials continue to strive for the stars, knowing that, at worst, they'll land on the moon.

Bettering the lives of others is by no means excluded from their efforts.