I think that everyone I know--from family and friends, to business associates and clients and customers--wishes they could do a better job with their personal finances. Many of us are in debt up to our eyeballs, and according to U.S. government statistics, only 29% of households age 55 and older have any retirement savings or pension.

Not good.

The good news is that personal financial planner Avraham Byers has written a powerful and entertaining book--Your Magic Number--that can make managing your personal finances both easy and fun.

My story (and dark secret)

For over a decade I worked as a financial advisor. People trusted my advice on financial matters all the time. But I was carrying around a dark secret...

I was bad with money. Really bad.

Making money wasn't the problem. Keeping it was.

For some reason, my money always seemed to disappear before the month's end.

I had no idea where it was all going. Even worse, I was clueless where to start and how to get myself out of my financial mess.

No one wants to be a tightwad

I spent years reading and experimenting with different types of budgeting. But most methodologies I found were restrictive and wanted to convert me into a tightwad. Cut out nice dinners. Re-use the plastic wrap, yada, yada, yada.

But that kind of life just isn't sustainable. Extremism never lasts. I would never be able to stick to a budget that made me feel like I had no life.

Instead, I just needed to know my "Magic Number." The amount that I can spend freely at my own discretion, every day.

How to get a wad of cash every day

Imagine this...

Every morning before you leave for work, I knock on your door. I give you some cash. Let's say $150 dollars.

This is what you can spend for the day. Without any worries or guilt.

Maybe you spend part on groceries and an iced latte. Or maybe you buy a crisp new shirt. You know that sum is yours to use however you want, no second guessing.

And the best thing is that I come back knocking. Every day.

With the $150 in hand for you without fail.

That's how your Magic Number works. It's the amount you can spend at your discretion, every day. And if you save it up, you can use that money the next day.

You choose where you want to spend your money. It's completely up to you.

Getting you and your spouse on the same financial team

Once you start using the Magic Number, you and your spouse will start playing on the same financial team.

Take Rob and Lindsay, for example. For some reason their money just went "poof" by the end of the month and finances were always a point of conflict.

And it wasn't like they weren't making good money. Together, they made $133,756 a year after taxes. But it still wasn't enough to make ends meet. With two kids in daycare full time, a mortgage, insurance, and car payments etc., their fixed expenses totaled $70,736.

Rob and Lindsay's magical turnaround

After reading Your Magic Number, they sat down with a pen and paper to work through the math together (it's easy math, I promise).

They figured out their Magic Number was $172 per day--even more than they thought. And it only took them less than an hour to figure it out. They just subtracted their fixed expenses from their net income and divided by 365.

Now, Rob and Lindsay know exactly how much to spend on a day-to-day basis, and their money-arguments are a thing of the past. All because they know their Magic Number.

Just like Rob and Lindsay, you too can take control of your finances. You don't have to become a "cheapo." In fact, you can still enjoy your daily luxuries and budget too. It all starts with Your Magic Number.