Creating content on a regular basis for your company's website, blog, and social media channels is no easy task.

At Wild Creations, our content strategy includes posting new content throughout the week, and while it may seem that our toy and game business would provide a vast resource of interesting topics, finding new ideas for our fans regularly is sometimes a challenge.

Therefore, our strategy focuses on efficiency and effectiveness.

We understand that our fans, like us, are inundated with emails, updates and countless other sources of information every day.  To avoid irking them with long and seemingly useless updates, we churn out content that is simple, relevant, brief and valuable.

Here are few tips to help you more efficiently create relevant and useful content.

  1. Break up your topics.  Many content managers often try to fit too much information into one post.  Instead, look at your topic and determine if you can break it into a few different posts, then distribution them over a few days.
  2. Make it brief.  Unless you are offering a ten-point guide for completing a complicated process (see # 1 above), keep your posts brief and to the point.  Use bullet points when possible, as we do here on
  3. Make it visual.  Consumers these days are consuming more and more content through pictures, videos and infographics.  Adding visuals to and around your content will increase the readability and usefulness of your posts, and ultimately promote sharing amount readers.
  4. Make it engaging.  Instead of only creating content that speaks to your audience, create a post once in a while that engages your readers.  Ask a question or take a survey, then create a space where you can curate and encourage lively discussions.
  5. Keep it pertinent. Do not give into the urge to make irrelevant posts for the sake of creating content.  It will ultimately turn off your readers.  Understand your audience and be sure that posts meet the criteria of your readers' expectations.
  6. Repurpose content. If you find yourself with a severe case of writer's block, review older content and determine if you can amend/add to the content.  Consider taking longer posts from the past and breaking them down into more detailed posts (see #1).  You can also take older posts and create visuals around it, like creating a useful infographic or set of slides. Remember that a great many people probably have not seen your older post, so don't feel guilty about reusing the material.

Too often, content managers confuse post length and originality with what your readers really want.  In the end, the most important thing to remember is to create "value-add" content for your readers.

What other tips do you have for creating effective content?  Please share your thoughts with other in the comments below.  (Nice use of tip #6, wouldn't you say?)