Dear Santa,

I realize you are busy this time of year. As the CEO of Wild Creations (a toy manufacturer like you), I understand the subtle complexities of toy and game assembly and, more important, the increasing complications of meeting C.P.S.C. regulations each year.  It's not an easy business, and I appreciate and laud you and your team of elves for successfully pulling off this miracle each year. Salute!

With that said, I was hoping I could take a few minutes of your time to ask for a favor this Christmas.

Actually, a few favors.

You see, this year I find myself in a little conundrum. Business is good, and I have most everything I need, but life and business would be just a little better if you could deliver on a couple of wishes. 

  1. Bring Back Christmas Tradition to Retail As you probably are aware, several large retailers decided this year to blur the line for the official start of Christmas by opening for Black Friday early, in some cases as early as the afternoon of Thanksgiving. Now, the success of our toy company depends largely on consumerism, so I can appreciate the fact that corporate managers see a benefit to opening  early. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they should. Help me convince retailers to prioritize Christmas tradition over profits, at least for a couple of days a year, and give us back Thanksgiving.

  2. Fix  The idea that universal healthcare could spur enterpreneurship and innovation is a wonderfully refreshing thought, even if wishful. We're never going to find out, however, if the website never works. I'm optimistic and rooting for the A.C.A. to work, but it needs your help.  I'm guessing that your successful IT department could greatly help in this regard.

  3. Get Crowd Investing Going One of the goals of the J.O.B.S. Act, passed a couple of years ago, was to assist start-up companies in finding valuable, and often elusive, capital through the wonders of crowd sourcing investment on the Internet. Unfortunately, Congress and the S.E.C. have dragged their feet on passing the laws necessary to regulate this new industry.  Shocking, I know. As the law languishes, many great companies, like the outdoor product start-up Alpine Hammock, suffer while trying to raise capital through traditional channels that tend to favor technology start-ups. Okay, so this type of law is complicated, but you are Santa, and I know you can make it happen.

  4. World Peace  As you know, I am a fan of open borders and open markets. The world is a small place, and technology is allowing us to reach under-served markets around the world while raising the quality of life on a global level.  There is, however, a great deal of uncertainty due to conflicts between nations.  Not sure how much power you have in this regard, but maybe a nice stocking stuffer would lighten the mood of a few world leaders.

  5. XBox One  Unfortunately, my wife isn't buying my argument that it would be for the benefit of our children, so I'm going to need your help on this one.

That's it, Santa.  A fairly humble and simple set of wishes that I have confidence you can deliver on.

Upon review of your "Naughty/Nice" list, I'm confident you will see that I have erred largely on the side of "nice" all year, with the occasional exceptions of a few white lies that I am hoping you can overlook.  It's probably also worth noting that I haven't written or asked for much of you since the third grade (again, thank you for the awesome Star Wars Millennium Falcon play set), so I'd appreciate it if you could please keep this in mind when considering my requests.

In the end, if you deem the list to be a bit too much, please just consider one thing ... the XBox One.  Seriously, I won't ask for anything else for another 20 years.

Thank you for your time, and Merry Christmas!