In addition to learning the alphabet and counting to 10, there was a time when mastering the sophisticated art of tying shoe laces was a major milestone in every child's life.

Now, Nike is closer to changing that.

The company recently announced a release date for the new line of athletic shoe, the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, which features adaptive lacing technology -- or as children of the '80s know it, Marty McFly shoes

Nike does not provide a price for a pair of these high-tech sneakers, but it does indicate that the release will come in time for the 2016 holiday shopping season. To purchase a pair, however, you will need to be a Nike+ member -- or, as the case will surely be, a 6 foot 8 inch center for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I liked it better when the cost of growing up was a cheap pair of Converse All-Stars, a pair of shoelaces, and a very patient parent. 


Published on: Mar 22, 2016
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