Consumers and business owners alike have heard of the power of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but is it all hype? In some ways, yes. Black Friday isn't the biggest shopping day of the year (last year it was third). However, there's plenty of people shopping during the Thanksgiving weekend to make it worth the while for business owners and marketers. Now that the dust has settled on the 2015 Black Friday through Cyber Monday corridor, it's a good time to look at some the data that's been released. Here are 12 stats about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in 2015.

  1. According to Adobe, shoppers have spent nearly $3 billion during Cyber Monday this year. Initial estimates show that consumers visited more than 4,500 retail websites, a 12 percent increase over 2014.
  2. The Adobe data also found that from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday sales reached $11 billion online. Nearly half (49 percent) of Cyber Monday visits were made via mobile. Mobile devices accounted for more than a quarter (28 percent) of the sales.
  3. Custora's E-Commerce Pulse reports that Cyber Monday order volume grew 16 percent over 2014 and revenue increased 15 percent. As for Black Friday, there was also a 16 percent increase from 2014.
  4. According to data from comScore, Americans under 34 accounted for 28.5 percent of online shoppers via desktop PCs on Cyber Monday 2015. Millennials also accounted for nearly a third (31.6 percent) of spending.
  5. comScore also reports that women accounted for 59 percent of online shoppers via desktop PCs on Cyber Monday 2015, and 61.6 percent of spending.
  6. The National Retail Federation reported that nearly a third (32.5 percent) of shoppers over Thanksgiving weekend 2015 said all of their purchases were specifically driven by sales and promotions.
  7. The NRF data also found that the average American aged 25-34 who shopped during Thanksgiving weekend in 2015 spent $425.08. Most of it was other people, with survey respondents saying over two thirds (69.3 percent) of what they bought was for gifts.
  8. E-commerce barely beat out in-store sales this year according the NRF, 103 million Americans shopped online during Thanksgiving weekend in 2015. In comparison, there were 102 million people who shopped in-store, and 151 million shoppers in total.
  9. Research from Monetate's found that mobile was a big part of Thanksgiving Day spending. The researchers noted that mobile shopping skyrocketed 118 percent year over year.
  10. Data from iovation found that Nearly half (48 percent) of online retail purchases were made via smartphone or tablet according to iovation, that is a 17 percent increase over the other months in 2015.
  11. Data from AppFlyer indicates mobile users turned to apps to help them shop this year.. Thanksgiving app sessions were 45 percent higher than the prior Thursday and 71 percent higher than the same time period last year.
  12. Dashlane research, cited by BizReport, took a deeper look at Cyber Monday and found shoppers spent 93% more that day than on the average Monday.

All of this data clearly shows that the Thanksgiving weekend is a great time for business owners. Even if it's not the biggest shopping days of the year, there is more than enough activity for business owners to take note of.

The fact that the data above doesn't represent the biggest shopping days is also a sign for hope. For as good as these numbers are, there will be other opportunities for businesses to reach holiday shoppers. Applying this data to campaigns in the final weeks before Christmas can lead to increased sales and more.

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