It's 2016! If, like most business owners, you're resolution is to increase revenue this year, the key to success is already in the palm of your hand, or perhaps in your pocket. Nine out of 10 (92%) of U.S. consumers have mobile devices (tablet or smartphones), and these devices will play a huge role in retail in 2016.

Just by looking at data released in the past two months, there are many instances that show mobile devices are growing in prevalence and in usefulness for online and in-store retailers. To show that this will be the year of the mobile, here are 16 stats about mobile devices to start you off right in 2016.

  1. According to research from BIA/Kelsey, 63% of actions resulting from mobile searches occur within 1 hour of the search, compared to 55% for purchases.
  2. The same study found that 17% of mobile searches lead to visits to physical stores, compared to 17% for purchases, and 7% for calls to businesses.
  3. Mobile marketing is a good start for future sales. BIA/Kelsey found that 73% of mobile searches lead to additional action.
  4. Many people spend more when they use coupons they find on mobile devices. According to Juniper Research, 77% of consumers spend $10-$50 more than anticipated when redeeming mobile coupons, compared to 17% for over $50.
  5. The Juniper Research also found offers made through mobile wallets generate a 26% increase in average order value over static mobile coupons.
  6. Though mobile devices are common already, data shows the rate continues to increase. Nielsen reported that 80% of US mobile subscribers owned smartphones in September 2015, up from 78% in January.
  7. Similarly, another Nielsen report found that 39% of Americans own tablets, up 30% from Q3 2014.
  8. A different study from Nielsen found that Americans who use shopping apps on their smartphones do so for an average of 2 hours 5 minutes per month, up from 1 hour 44 minutes in 2013.
  9. Mobile shopping is expanding to older demographics. According to Nielsen, a quarter (26%) of Americans who shop via smartphones are 55 or older.
  10. Data from comScore showed mobile commerce is growing significantly. Americans spent $838 million online via mobile devices on Cyber Monday 2015, up 53% year over year.
  11. Similarly, comScore also found that US online retail spending via mobile devices will reach $11.7B for the holiday season 2015, up 47% year over year.
  12. The National Retail Federation reported that 57.7% of US tablet owners used their devices to browse holiday deals and purchase items over Thanksgiving weekend 2015.
  13. A Loyalty360 report shows that mobile is extra effective in reaching millennials. They report that millennials are 2.6 times more likely than other age groups to have used a mobile app.
  14. Mobile devices are also an essential part of the growth in social media marketing. Marketo cites data that shows 60% of all time spent on social media in the US occurs on mobile devices.
  15. During the holidays this year, Searchmetrics reported that one in five (20%) of consumers relied solely on mobile devices to research gifts.
  16. Mobile can also help business owners trying to boost foot traffic to their stores. Juniper research reported that 56% of smartphone users would like to receive location-based offers on their phones when they are near a store.

Mobile marketing is something every business owners should be using to improve the reach of their content and to make shopping easier for online and in-store customers. For some advice on specific ways to improve your mobile offerings, read this recent article on how smartphones specifically played a role in the 2015 holiday shopping season.