I know many people in the marketing world who don't pay much attention to the latest trends. They believe trendy marketing tactics today will fizzle out tomorrow. While this is true in some cases, I believe there are some trends worth paying attention to. It can be challenging to figure out the difference between the two, but lasting trends are those that can be measured and have a visible impact on your efforts.

By knowing what the trends are, you can increase your brand exposure, gain new customers, and build lasting customer relationships. This is something I have learned first-hand during my many years in the marketing realm. That said, here are some of the hottest marketing trends that you don't want to ignore this summer-- especially if you want to give your small business a boost.

1. Purpose-Driven Marketing

The Covid-19 pandemic made many brands realize that purpose-driven marketing was a great way to reach people with their message. At a time when things were uncertain, most people wanted to know that they were purchasing from brands that were making a difference in the world.

With purpose-driven marketing, your brand will connect with your audience through a common cause that most of your customers believe in. All the decisions and actions of the brand are simplified to one question: Does this represent our purpose?

Some brands will promote environmental awareness or focus on things like gender inequalities, racial issues, or human rights. Consumers are more likely to buy something from a brand when the brand makes its strong and clear purpose known because they see that their purchase is going to have a positive impact on the world around them. Also, these people are almost five times more likely to recommend your brand to others.

2. Sending Check-Ins to Your Customers

During the pandemic, your brand may have struggled to find the right words when trying to communicate with prospects and customers. Some brands decided to stay silent, others ignored the pandemic going on around them and kept communicating like nothing was happening. Other companies leaned into important issues that impacted their target audience and addressed them in commercials.

As things continue to return to "normal," it is up to you to find ways to reconnect with your prospects and customers. Some ways to do this includes questionnaires, surveys, and one-to-one feedback, which can provide you with unique and personable responses so that you better understand how the pandemic affected your customers. By reconnecting, you show you care and prove that you want to provide your customers the experience they want, need, and expect.

3. Play Into FOMO

The fear-of-missing-out mentality is back now that experiences are accessible and folks are getting out of the house more. Simply put, no one likes to lose. It doesn't matter if it is an argument, game, or a service or product you want, but people don't like losing out on what's cool. This is why understanding loss aversion is so important. If you have a smart brand, you will learn to leverage this concept to improve your marketing campaigns and marketing.