It's the start of March, which means spring is on the horizon. While this will certainly create a need for new clothes, yard work and the like, it''s also a time with tremendous opportunities for business owners and marketers to attract new customers and expand their business. Of course, it's not as easy as turning on a light switch, but with a little effort and know how, business owners can succeed. Here are four simple steps to help prepare your marketing for the new season.

1. Create New Visuals that Can be Shared on Social Media and Website
Photos, charts and the other forms of visual media are really important for businesses that are trying to convince consumers to buy from them online. When people look to pictures they find online they want to see something that reinforces why they should buy the product or work with a company.

Most business owners and marketers already have some visual elements on their site, but the season change is a good reason for marketers to review their images (on product pages, website pages and the like. If a certain image is under performing compared to others in generating traffic and converting sales, it needs to be replace. Also, pictures of the staff and crew needs to be up to date, so new group photo can help with that.

2. Use Multiple Online Ad Formats to Get Message to Public
No matter what season it is, online advertising is an important part of any advertising and marketing campaign. There is so much content online (especially on social media) paid advertising is the only way to ensure your content gets the reach needed in order to be effective. A social media post with amazing copy and imagery doesn't do much good if only a handful of people see it.

Another reason to consider social media and PPC ads for spring marketing campaigns is that the timing is good for bids for placement. During the spring, there are fewer major holidays, which means there is less competition for the finite amount of advertising space available, so ads get more reach for their buck.
Most important of all, keep in mind that most ad platforms have multiple ad formats that will hopefully help marketers accomplish their intended goal. Spring is a good time to test our the newest formats being rolled out in 2017. By the end of the year, marketers should be proficient enough with the new advertising tools to helpful during the Christmas rush.

3. Update Your Website
A common misconception amongst business owners is that a website is like a building, once it's set up, there's not a lot of reason to revisit the design and features of the site. This couldn't be further from the truth. While a site's URL will always be the same (assuming the business keeps paying for the domain name), what people will need from the site will constantly change, as will their standards for what creates a good site.

Business owners can prepare for the spring by using the new visual media mentioned earlier to make their site seem more up to date. For a consumer visiting a website, the site that looks like it was updated recently gets the benefits of making the customer think the products and prices within are equally up to date.

The season change is also an opportunity to change simple elements, like the coloring of elements, to make a site seem new, fresh, and season oriented without having to redesign the entire site. It's also a good time to review functions, features and widgets on your site to make sure they are all working properly and easy to locate.

4. Create New Videos for Your Site and Social Media
Just as mobile devices and marketing have been hugely important during the last decade of marketing, videos are now becoming a dominant form of advertising for business owners and marketers. Multiple studies have shown that videos increase brand recall and make people feel better about the products and services they are buying.

Creating a video is a little harder that getting a good photo for a site, but the evidence shows it's worth the effort. Consumers use videos to establish an understanding of a brand and business. It has even been shown that video content affects buyer behavior. So business owners and marketers should take the time to make a video to show off their products, services, and employees for the new season.

Spring is almost upon us, so business owners need to hurry to make the changes and create the content needed to make their brand stand out. For more news and tips about internet marketing, read this article on the importance of accurate and up to date content in online marketing.