One of the few constants in this world is the fact that everything is constantly changing. For business owners and marketers, the same should be true for their websites. Websites need to be constantly updated to improve security, create new content or change the look of a site. Just as a rolling stone gathers no moss, a website that is constantly changing never gets stale. This article will examine four ways that business owners can improve their online marketing this spring.

Update Your Website's Theme, Coloring and Imagery

The best place to start when updating a site for the new season is to update the visual elements. Just like in fashion, there are certain colors that are more appropriate for spring. For example, a business may have their site filled with wintery, snowy images to take advantage of the holiday season. Now is the time to change out that imagery so that it's better suited for attracting people who minds are on the warmth and sunshine of spring.

It's hard to overstate how important these relatively small features can be to the overall conversion rate of a site. People form opinions about a site and brand within a few seconds of first accessing the site. Making sure that the site's imagery matches their season expectations helps to put businesses on a better footing.

Make Improvements to Website Security and User Interface

The changes a webmaster makes to their site's visual elements is something that most people will notice immediately. There are other changes that businesses should make to their site in the spring that are less obvious to the consumer but more important in the long run. When a website makes updates for the spring, they should take the time to update their website's security features and improve the user interface.

All websites have some kind of vulnerability, whether they know it or not. The best way for a business to stay ahead of these potential issues is to diligently pay attention to the latest website security techniques and apply them to a website. To illustrate, most websites have forms where information can be submitted. In recent months, several hackers have been able to gain access to high profile systems by submitted infected documents into the form. Addressing the issues during a website update can help prevent huge problems down the road.

Similarly, after each year of being online, business owners need to talk to their customers (or have a survey) that shows what elements of the site's design need to be improved to create a better user interface. This can be something as simple as making the buttons larger for the mobile version of the site, or rearranging the page order so that certain information is easier to find. After a year of website visitor data, website owners should have plenty of ideas of how to streamline the process to make it better for consumers.

Create New Written and Video Content

One thing business owners need to realize is that the content on their site is extremely important. People who aren't directly searching for a service will often learn about a company indirectly. Often, a well-written blog post about a relevant subject or a video that explains a common question in the industry are the factors that first bring a business to the attention of consumers. This isn't something to be taken lightly. Being an accurate purveyor of information make a business seem more competent for handling the task the customer needs.

Constantly updating and adding new content also has a strong SEO benefit. More pages mean more ways to use keywords in the content copy and also allows marketers to tailor each page to serve a different SEO goal.

Increase Advertising Spending and Utilize Location-Based Ads

Another important thing business owners should do during the spring is change their advertising methods. For one thing, now is a good time to increase ad spending, since the lack of major holidays means there is less competition for certain ad space. This means that business owners can reach more people than ever with ads without having to break the bank.

As for ad formats, sping is an excellent time to use location-based ads on services like Google and Facebook. More people are walking the streets and shops during the warmer weather of spring. This means that ads that target people by their location are more effective because people aren't just staying bundled up indoors. Location based ads are helpful for newer businesses that need to make sure people in the area hear about their new services. Which again in appropriate for spring marketing, since people are planning home improvements, buying new clothes, etc. so targeting them with ads can be very effective at driving in-store traffic and sales.

There are a lot of things that business owners can do to improve their site. And all though it may seem that the changes are miniscule, small changes, when applied to large audiences can lead to significant increases in sales and revenue. For more information on how to improve a website, read this article with information on finding balance between privacy and personalization in modern website design.

Published on: Mar 20, 2017
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