The holiday shopping season will be in full swing soon, and online advertising platforms will be releasing a lot of new ad products to help business owners increase sales. Last week, Facebook threw its hat into the ring with a series of updates that will make it easier to create compelling ads. The updates include time-saving templates and updated features for businesses that use Facebook Messenger. 

Mobile devices have made it more challenging for digital marketers. Between desktops and mobile devices, it’s a 50-50 chance that the image will be seen horizontally or vertically. To cover their bases, most marketers will make two versions of an asset, one for the vertical and the other horizontal. This process is time-consuming, and during the holiday season, marketers may not have the time to spare. One of Facebook’s new update is a template system that makes it easier to make assets in multiple orientations.

“We know the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for many businesses, so having the right resources and skills to manage your business during this time is critical,” wrote Michelle Klein, VP of Global Business Marketing. She went on to add, “That’s why today, we’re opening our doors to small businesses to help them prepare for the holiday season and introducing new tools to help them manage their business across our apps more efficiently.” 

To reduce the number of resources it takes to create new assets for ad campaigns, Facebook is making easier to create vertical, full-screen assets. The new customizable templates can be used for Stories, on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. 

These new vertical templates are a win-win situation for everyone. Facebook gets to raise the quality of ads on the platform by giving marketing teams good-looking templates to start with. Businesses can save time creating assets for a single ad campaign, which means they’ll have time to make more ad campaigns. And more ad campaigns mean more money for Facebook. 

The other update the company introduced is an expansion of new features for companies that communicate with customers via Facebook Messenger. Earlier in 2019, Facebook made it possible for businesses to manage their messages from Messenger and Instagram Direct from their Facebook Page Inbox. In the more recent update, features that are available in Facebook Messenger will be added to Instagram Direct. 

For example, Facebook plans to roll out tools like instant replies to let businesses automatically respond to initial messages and give people more information about their business or let them know their typical response time on Instagram Direct.  Once they’re ready, businesses will be able to set up an away message for when their business is closed or on vacation and create saved replies to answer commonly asked questions. These features are similar to what is available to Business Pages on Facebook. These Instagram messaging updates are supposed to be ready in the next few weeks.

Giving businesses the ability to set away messages can be very helpful for sites that are handling many different things at once. Customers can get discouraged if they don’t get an immediate reply to their query. Letting consumers who message you know when you’re away will keep them from feeling ignored. 

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