Disney has been a behemoth in the entertainment industry for many decades. However, the power of the House of Mouse has grown exponentially in the recent past, as the company has acquired a large number of valuable networks and the rights to some of the world's most popular franchises. Advertisers will soon find it easier to reach consumers through Disney-owned services with the help of a new ad partnership between Google and Disney.

One of the keys to a successful advertising or marketing campaign is to use multiple platforms to reach a target audience. This helps to ensure that wherever your audience is, they will see a consistent message from a brand that promotes their services or special offers. A partnership between Google and Disney creates many new opportunities companies to share a consistent message on multiple platforms.

In an age where consumers have a wide array of choices for entertainment content, anything that increases the reach of an ad campaign to a target audience is helpful. Many consumers bounce between TV and mobile devices for watching their favorite shows. And the increase in online streaming services are making it harder to rely solely on television commercial breaks to reach a target audience. The Disney/Google partnership is way to shift the paradigm for how businesses reach their next customer.

"Disney and Google share a passion for bringing quality content and information to everyone, everywhere," wrote Philipp Schindler, Google's Chief Business Officer, in a post announcing the partnership. "With this new relationship, Disney will bring its entire global digital video and display business onto the Google Ad Manager, which will serve as its core ad technology platform."

Partnering with Disney introduces a lot of new options for Google Ads users. Google will now power the advertising for Disney's highly-valuable properties. Besides the obvious Disney-related sites and channels, the new partnership gives Google access to ads placed on content from ABC, ESPN, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars.

The ads will be shown across multiple channels, including live streaming and other direct-to-consumer content offerings. By partnering with Google, Disney will be able to "serve video ads effortlessly on the web, in mobile apps, streaming through connected TVs and for live events". This is another innovative way for Google to expand the reach of ad content. Earlier this year, Google announced plans to test billboard ads. The partnership with Disney is surely a big deal, but it's part of a larger effort from Google to diversify their ad offerings.

The new relationship between Google and Disney is great news for business owners who would like to see their video ads shown on the most popular locations on TV and the web. The price will undoubtedly be high for placements on Disney-owned properties. Regardless, it makes it will make it easier for business owners to get their video ads shown on Disney-owned properties. And for Disney, it will increase the range of the ad offerings and allow for seamless ad experiences across multiple devices.

Many of the properties owned by Disney, have very devoted fan bases, who will jump between different platforms and mediums to view content related to that franchise. For example, Marvel and Star Wars fans will watch movies, TV shows and streaming content based on these properties and will follow them onto different platforms. Using Google to deliver ads to these fans on multiple devices prevents advertisers from missing out when a fan switches their viewing method.

The partnership has just been announced, so it may not be until 2019 when everything comes together. Only time will tell how much advertisers will benefit when Google gets a little Disney magic. For more recent news about changes to Google Ads, read this article on recent integrations between Google Campaign Manager and LinkedIn.