When you're trying to run an SEO marketing campaign, marketers need to keep an eye on the essential items in a particular category. Last week, Google introduced a new tool for identifying the top items. Google Shopping 100 highlights the products that have recently seen an increase in US searches. Though the items listed don't represent the top searches for an item, using this data can help marketers identify the trending products.

In a post announcing the update, Google stated, "Google Shopping 100 gives you a sneak peek at products that are rising in popularity according to Google searches. Whether it's discovering something for yourself, finding last-minute gifts, or just staying in the know, we hope Google Shopping 100 gives you some inspiration this holiday season."

The holidays are an excellent time to use these features to help create more effective marketing campaigns. When marketers can see the items that are growing in popularity, they can detail their campaigns to focus on the aspects that are missed in their current campaign.

Marketers and consumers who use Google Shopping 100 can use the information they see in a variety of ways. Consumers can use Google Shopping 100 for gift-giving inspiration, comparing prices of different online retailers, and finding out whether a product is in stock at a nearby store. Marketers can use it to keep up with what consumers are interested in buying. If marketers can't sell the top project on their own, they can use the information to do things like create content and earn affiliate income.

Google has made Google Shopping 100 useful for so many people by including a wide range of categories for people to learn about top items for sale. Each type has 15 items. With eight categories, which include Tech, Kitchen gear, Toys & games, Accessories & apparel, Gaming, Sports & fitness, home goods, and Personal care.

With 15 items for each category, it's how Google can provide 100 items that are ideal for examining the wants and needs of a target audience. The items aren't chosen based on their popularity alone. According to Google, "Google Shopping 100 shows top-trending product searches on Google in the US, organized by category. It features and ranks the products that have shown the most sustained increase in searches during the season."

Right now, Google Shopping 100 is a tool that can help marketers find the best gift ideas and learn more about which products are dominating online sales. If Google adds more data, Google Shopping 100 can become more useful for marketers throughout the year. 

Whether Google Shopping 100 is just for the holidays, or a tool that can help sellers throughout the year, it will depend on the usefulness of the marketers. Even at this early stage, there's enough data available to make smart assumptions about online marketing campaigns.