Google is one of the most relevant websites for any business. No matter the size of the company, the industry or the location, consumers will use Google to search for information about the company and more. In many situations, the first thing that people will learn about an organization will come from the things that show up in search. Google announced several changes that will help business owners put their best foot forward in an online search.

Honest, positive reviews are some of the best advertising a business can ask for. Testimonials and reviews show curious searchers that your company has helped people just like them. In a recent change that was announced on Twitter, Google My Business explained that in some situations, Google would recommend that a business share a post with a positive review.

In the Tweet, Google wrote, “In some countries, Google My Business will provide suggested posts to help you showcase positive reviews left for your business. You may get suggestions for new testimonials to post when you sign in to Google My Business, or via email notifications. These posts are automatically suggested based on 4 or 5-star reviews recently left for your business. You’ll be able to review and edit the post before publishing it.”

Though the feature is relatively minor, it can have a significant impact on a company that's trying to build its brand. Sometimes, it's okay to toot your own horn, and Google seems to agree. Recommending that businesses share their 4 or 5-star reviews will boost their visibility and improve public perception about the company when people search.

There was another potential Google My Business change in the media last week. A 3rd-party report suggested that Google My Business would allow companies to add shortened names and short URLs to their company profile. These features will make it faster and easier for a business to share its information with customers.

According to the reporting on the proposed update, the shortened URL will have a format that uses[yourcustomname] with a five-character requirement for the name. Using the shortened URL will take visitors to the same Google My Business page. This shortened URL is much simpler to include on marketing materials, and you can even tell people the name verbally and expect them to find your Google My Business page online.

The short name is part of the shorter URL. The short name that a business chooses will become the [yourcustomname] mentioned in the formatting above. If your company has a long official name, creating a short name that utilizes an abbreviated form can be a good choice. For example, instead of using the full "Federal Bureau of Investigations - Tampa Branch" title, the short name can be "FBI-Tampa." (Not that the FBI has Google My Business pages.)

Google My Business has always been a powerful tool for businesses that wanted to expand the digital presence. The new features mentioned in this article will help organizations get more from their Google My Business profile. Sharing reviews will help establish a brand as trustworthy and reliable. And the shortened URL and name options make it easier to share your brand with people online or in person.

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