Governors around the nation are issuing “stay at home orders” for their states, resulting in changes for many businesses. Whether you have a company that is offering limited services, closed temporarily, or operating as “business as usual,” you need to let your customers know what is going on.

Google My Business, which is something all businesses should be using, has now created a unique type of post that’s specifically created for COVID-19 announcements.

What New Announcements Are Available on Google My Business?

Some of the new announcement options available on Google My Business that you can use include:

·         New operating hours

·         Temporary closures

·         Out of stock, low stock, or in-stock product announcements for high-demand items

·         Safety precautions being implemented by a business

·         Regular service changes (i.e., delivery only, curbside pickup, etc.)

When you use the COVID-19 update posts, they will show up at the top of your business profile in the local search results.

This means you can still publish other post types, but your COVID-19 posts will stay pinned to the top of the page to ensure they are seen by your visitors.

Tips for Creating COVID-19 Posts on Google My Business

The good news is, it’s pretty easy to create a COVID-19 announcement on your Google My Business page.

The steps to do this include:

·         Sign in to your Google My Business account

·         On the menu, click the Posts option

·         At the page top of the page select “COVID-19 update” tab

When creating this announcement, some of the information that may be requested include your hours of operation and temporary closure information, any changes in how you are operating, updates to how the business is keeping customers safe, and how customers can reach out for support.

Make sure you choose the Preview option to see the post you have created before it goes live. Once you are happy with the announcement, you can click the Publish option, and it will go live on your Google My Business page.

Additional Information about COVID-19 Posts on Google My Business

Currently, the shelf life for your COVID-19 posts on Google My Business is the same as any other post you create, which is 14 days. What this means is that if the information you have posted is still valid after 14 days have passed, you will have to publish the post again.

For some businesses, their operation status may change based on what is going on in their local area related to the pandemic. However, currently, you can assume that the post will automatically disappear after 14 days have passed.

The COVID-19 post updates can be used by any business that has an account on Google My Business, regardless of if you operate a local restaurant or a healthcare establishment. With this post, though, you cannot include any images - it is a text-only announcement, so keep this in mind when creating one for your page.

During this time of uncertainty, be sure your customers know what you are doing and what to expect from your business with this post.