Most local businesses have a Facebook profile and an account on Google My Business. Facebook is used for social media outreach, while Google My Business is used to help customers find the company via search. Google My Business account owners have been able to create posts for their accounts for a while. However, many local marketers didn't take full advantage of the feature. Google is changing the way business posts are displayed on Google My Business, so they are more useful to marketers. 

The goal of posts on Google My Business isn't necessarily to go viral. It wouldn't be unwelcome, but that's not the kind of social activity that the platform is designed to promote. Use Google My Business posts to promote specials or to make announcements that will affect customers. Keep in mind that people see these posts once they've searched for your company on Google. They are likely looking for information to help them shop.

Whatever kind of content business leaders decide to use for Google My Business, a recent redesign will make the posts more prominent to viewers. Businesses can select several offers that will show up on the overview of their Google My Business profile, instead of requiring viewers to go to the posts tab.

As Google explained in a post announcing the change, "To help people find these promotions, we're making offers more prominent on Business Profiles on Google. The new layout introduces a dedicated space for business owners to feature their most recent offers--making a quick decision for their potential customers even easier."

Using the new feature is easy for marketers managing the Google My Business profile for a company. New options have been added to the post creation process on the Google My Business App (available on iOS and Android). Users can select "Offer" from the categories. From there, marketers can tailor the details to include a description of the promotion, a coupon code, or any terms and conditions useful to your audience. You can also set the time and dates for the offer so it will turn off automatically on a specific day.

To make the most of the new feature, marketers should select multiple offers to include in the carousel. Users will select up to 10 unique offers in the carousel, providing a list of choices for the customers. It's 10 chances to make a connection with visitors who are looking at your business profile on Google.

Google My Business has always been a useful tool for local marketing, but this new change gives marketers a better incentive to create posts for the platform. Next to a Facebook profile, Google My Business is the most likely place potential customers will go to learn more about a business. Having specials and offers prominently displayed will encourage more customers to visit the store to take advantage of the offers.

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