For many businesses, online sales account for a significant portion of the company’s revenue. This shift has made it more important than ever for businesses to use online marketing tactics that have a significant impact on the audience. Google has updated its online ad offerings to create a new format that makes it simpler for customers to find the best prices and places to shop with Google Shopping

The massive number of retailers online makes it more difficult for customers to find the best prices for the item they want. Similarly, retailers have trouble cutting through the noise to ensure their target audience sees the products that are available. The redesigned Google Shopping is designed to take all of the information from Google about a product and use it to create a comprehensive showcase of potential sellers that will meet the needs of an online shopper. 

Like many of Google’s offerings, the new Google Shopping homepage is personalized for each individual. When consumers use Google Shopping, they will see useful product suggestions along with sections that help shoppers reorder common items or continue their shopping research. Once someone has found what they need, it’s possible to purchase online, at a nearby store, or directly from retailers on Google.

The redesigned Google Shopping is also making it easier for customers to buy items directly from the Google Shopping page. Users won’t have to click to another site to complete the checkout process, and Google will use account information to make checkout faster. Google also guarantees purchases from many retailers, so there’s less for shoppers to worry about. 

In an Oct. 3 post announcing the redesign, Google wrote, “You already come to Google to browse and search for products-;now, you can buy from thousands of stores directly on Google. Checkout is quick, easy, and safe because you can use the information saved in your Google Account. And every order is backed by a Google guarantee, which means you can rely on Google’s customer support, and we’ll have your back for easy returns and refunds.”

Other features that have been upgraded on Google Shopping include filters that let consumers find products that available nearby or narrow search options by price. Users on Google Shopping will also have an option to “price track” an item. Individuals who use this option will get reports from Google about changes in the price of the item for several weeks. This feature can be extremely beneficial for holiday shoppers who are willing to wait for a little to see if the price goes down.

The redesigned Google Shopping may be a response from Google to the challenge it faces from competitors. As one SEO writer noted, “This is a significant piece of Google’s strategy to push back on Amazon is to establish partnerships with retailers and provide universal checkout.”

Regardless of the reasons why it was done, the updated Google Shopping has a lot of features that make the platform attractive to customers and business owners. Online and local retailers should spend the next month preparing their Google Shopping offerings so they can let consumers shop with a Google guarantee. The holiday shopping season will be here soon, and the redesigned Google Shopping may be instrumental for generating sales this year.

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