It's been over a decade since the first smartphones hit the market, and mobile devices continue to transform the way people shop and do business. A recent report found that mobile devices account for three fifths (60 percent) of all time spent on digital media.

Business owners and marketers have put a lot of effort into finding ways to use the rise of mobile devices to their advantage. Nielsen released the results of survey where 83 percent of US online marketers plan to increase their spending on mobile ads in 2016. One of the best ways for marketers to take advantage of mobile marketing in 2016 is to use more mobile coupons.

The economy may have improved since the Great Recession, but people still love a bargain. Using coupons in mobile ads can get consumers to visit a website or shop at a local store. A new State of the Mobile Coupon Industry report from Koupon Media states that two out of three (65 percent) consumers redeem mobile coupons within 5 minutes

There are a lot of ways that coupons can help business owners and marketers. The report finds that not only do coupons increase traffic to the store, people spend more when they have coupons. Nearly half (43 percent) of mobile users have used a mobile coupon and one in four (26 percent) increase their basket size when using one. A personalized coupon motivates 39% to spend more and 60% would adopt mobile payments if offered coupons.

The State of Mobile Coupons report also provided some data that can be used to create better mobile marketing campaigns. For example, after clicking on a mobile about half (49 percent) of consumers said the preferred result would be that they are taken to a mobile coupon page. They were nearly twice as likely to prefer a coupon page than an ecommerce page (26 percent) or an app download page (25 percent).

Also, though most consumers redeem their mobile coupons immediately, there is data from the report that suggests people would like the option to wait for later. According to their analysis, three out of five (59 percent) consumers say their opinion of a retailer would be enhanced if they were to offer coupons and offers that could be saved to their mobile device. Similarly, two out of three (66 percent) say they would have a more positive opinion of a loyalty program if it enabled them to save and access information from their mobile device.

Aside from the Koupon Media report, there were other reports that showed just how important coupons are for business owners who want to increase their revenue through mobile marketing. In an interview with BizReport, one expert mentioned the emerging trends.

"In 2015, nearly all mobile users searched for coupons on their phone," said Kate Atty, Director of Marketing at Persio in the interview. "Usage and redemption has been on an upward trend for the past several years, and retailers have responded by incorporating coupons into their overall strategy, fueling the cycle by making it easier for shoppers to find and use them."

Atty also notes that reported that heavy coupon users spend 114% more than non users, and actually shop 47% more often than others. In 2015 we saw many retailers adopt innovative tactics to fuel the growth of this trend.

All of this data paints a clear picture of just how useful mobile marketing will be in 2016. Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to enhance their online and in-store shopping experiences. Using mobile coupons can help business owners take advantage of this trend and prevent them from falling behind their competitors.

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