Creating branded content is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. Branded content benefits a company's SEO efforts, it can increase brand awareness, and when used properly it can lead to more sales. However, most of these benefits depend on people noticing and remembering the branded content they say. A new report from Prezi Business offers some advice on how to keep your branded content fresh in the minds of consumers.

One of the key takeaways from the report is that marketers need to work harder to create branded content that stays in the minds of consumers. This is a larger problem than people may realize. According to the researchers, four out of five (80 percent) consumers are unable to recall any information from branded content after three days.

The fact that a lot of people forget branded content within days shouldn't be too shocking. We all have had situation where we were looking at something only to forget about it within a few minutes and had to recheck the information.

Something similar accounts for some of the reasons people forget the content they see. When asked why they couldn't recall information, more than one in four listed external factors not connected to the content. Nearly one in six note distraction (18 percent) and about one in ten cited stress (9 percent), for the reason they weren't paying attention or couldn't remember the content.

While there's nothing that business owners and marketers can do to address the viewer's stress and external distraction, but there are many things that marketers can try to fi. The top reasons for being unable to recall branded content were irrelevancy, cited by more than half (55 percent) of the respondents. A little over one in three (36 percent) noted a lack of motivation to recall the information and 30 percent of the respondents blamed content overload.

One way for marketers to make their branded content more memorable is to use a conversational tone in the copy. According to the research from Prezi, this conversational style helps people remember branded content more than if it used sterile, business language. In their report, researchers from Prezi explained why this may be the case.

"Conversations can impact memory because the frequent switching of stimulus between the speakers prevents the brain from habituation and offers novelty," said Dr Carmen Simon, a cognitive neuroscientist who partnered with Prezi on this research. "The brain enjoys the buzz of novelty."

Another thing that business owners need to keep in mind is that their choice of content type and format also affect recall rates. According to the report, content which "tells the audience something new" proved to be the most memorable. This kind of content prompted 27 percent of people to remember a brand. Similarly, content that "teaches, inspires or entertains" worked to motivate 25 percent. Video was the most memorable format (37 percent), followed by written articles (28 percent and face-to-face presentations (21 percent).

The information from Prezi has many useful tips marketers can use to create better branded content. Better still, the information is presented in an easy-to-follow presentation that's easier to read that many reports that focus on research data. You can see the data and information from the report on the Prezi website.

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