Launching a new product requires a Google presence.

People aren't going to see your item one time on social media or get a newsletter that includes it and decide it's time to buy (in most cases). Instead, they will see it, think about it, and then do some research to learn more. Where do you think they will go?

If you said Google, you're probably right.

Having a Google Ad campaign dedicated to your product launch means you ensure that someone searching for what you offer can find it.

The question is, how do you make the most of Google Ads for a product launch? That's what I plan to answer below. Some of the best ways to use Google Ads to support your product launch include:

Dynamic Search Ad Campaigns

Instead of targeting a specific keyword or keywords, Dynamic Search Ads will be created automatically by Google. The basis for these is the content you post on your website. Still, you do have some control and can specify what pages the information is pulled from.

Usually, you must test to see if Dynamic Search Ads work for your product. A side benefit of these campaigns is that they will help you discover new keywords for the keyword-targeted campaigns you create.

Customer Match Campaigns

Is your goal to target your existing customer base or your past customers? If so, then Customer Match campaigns will be extremely effective.

With this type of campaign, you upload contact information to Google Ads (with permission) from customers and potential customers. Once this is done, you can create campaigns to target these individuals.

This means if your goal is to cross-sell or upsell to your current customer base, then Customer Match campaigns are a smart strategy to consider.

Campaigns That Target the Product Name

Using branded keyword-targeted campaigns is another smart option. These also gain more traction as awareness of your product grows. This is a good Google Ad campaign to try after you get some traction with your new product.

Using Google Ads to Boost Your Product Launch

As you can see, there are several ways to boost your upcoming product launch with Google Ads. Sometimes, this provides the boost needed to help you get the word out and get more traction on a new product or campaign.

Keep in mind that the general rules of Google Ads apply, so be sure that you are using best practices to get the most attention from the right audience. Being informed and knowing how to leverage the power of Google Ads will pay off in the long run.