Your brand is what defines your business and sets you apart from the competition. Building a brand takes money, time, and effort. After the brand is established, you must learn to use and leverage it to your advantage.

Assets like slogans, trademarks, and logos all have value. However, in SEM (search engine marketing), your brand has a more tangible value in the form of the search terms you use.

An effective way to generate more traffic and propel your site in SERP (search engine results pages) listings is by using branded search terms. Here's why you should consider embracing branded PPC campaigns.

Generate Easier Conversions

A branded term is as "bottom-of-the-funnel" as you can get when it comes to PPC. People searching for your name are probably existing customers or people who are familiar with the service or product you offer. As a result, they are closer to converting. You can increase the likelihood of closing the deal by sending customers to a landing page that will convert better than just a basic homepage.

Stop Losing Traffic to the Competition

If your competitors are smart or have a smart PPC agency working on their behalf, they are already bidding on your name. This means even if you show up in the top spot organically, you will not be number one in the SERPs. The click-through rate for the top spot in Google's search results are impressive - even compared to spot number two. If you lose your number one spot, you may lose a lot of traffic. Also, if several companies are bidding on your name, the numbers get even worse.

Alter and Adapt Your Message

Organic listings are not written in the same way that PPC ads are. Usually, they do not have strong CTAs (call to action), timely messages and are often stale because they are not commonly changed because of how they impact SEO. When you advertise using your name, it provides you the opportunity to change your messaging, calls to action, and promotions as needed.

Branded Keywords Are More Affordable

If the above does not convince you to engage in branded campaigns when creating PPC ads, think about this - branded keywords are usually the highest-converting, most affordable option you can purchase. You get all the benefits mentioned above at a fraction of the cost-per-click you would spend for other, more popular keywords. If you can set aside a few hundred dollars per month for your branded campaign, it will provide you with a significant ROI.

Now Is the Time to Engage in Branded PPC Campaigns

When it comes to improving your PPC campaigns, generating more clicks and more conversions, branded keywords make sense. Try this strategy to see what type of results you can generate.