LinkedIn is one of the best examples of a successful niche social media media platform. By its nature, LinkedIn will never have as many users as Facebook and Twitter, since it's a platform for business networking, rather than a platform for everyone. However, LinkedIn is extremely important for the business professionals who use the platform to build relationships and find clients. Last week, LinkedIn announced several new and upcoming features that will make it easier for marketers to get the most use from the platform.

LinkedIn has made several improvements to its video offerings this year. For example, back in March, they added the ability to upload native video to LinkedIn. Now, businesses that have videos hosted on Vimeo can integrate their videos with their LinkedIn company page.

"Over the past year, Vimeo has invested heavily in building a central distribution hub for video content to be shared everywhere and across platforms. Our Publish to Social feature makes it possible for creators and businesses to reach audiences in more places, while also enabling them to better understand video performance," stated Vimeo CTO Mark Kornfilt in a news release announcing the new LinkedIn integration feature. "We're excited to be the first video platform to integrate with LinkedIn, and to extend this feature to an essential destination for professional content."

What this means in practical terms is that marketers can now crosspost videos to their LinkedIn company pages from their Vimeo account by using an updated 'Publish to Social' feature. The integration also affects the user's Vimeo analytics dashboard, which will now include metrics to show how videos are performing on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

There are multiple benefits of using this new feature. It keeps all of the company's video content in one centralized location, rather than having a dozen uploads to multiple sites. And as Vimeo noted in their press release, "Social platforms favor native uploads, so content creators who natively publish their videos from Vimeo to LinkedIn can increase their reach and engagement with relevant professional audiences across the LinkedIn platform."

LinkedIn also recently announced an integration with Google Campaign Manager that will allow marketers to monitor the results of a Sponsored Content campaign on LinkedIn. Sponsored Content is now on the list of available ad offerings integrated into the Google Marketing Platform. While this doesn't work for all LinkedIn ads, this level of integration makes it possible to track Sponsored Content in forms such as video ads, carousel ads, lead-gen forms, text ads and "Spotlight" Dynamic ads.

As Taylor Greason noted on the LinkedIn Business blog, these new tools "not only allows you to (1) see LinkedIn ad performance alongside the rest of your paid spend, but also (2) get attribution for your LinkedIn ads across all impressions and interactions, measured in a cross-device and cross-platform manner".

To get started, marketers will need to click the "Manage tracking" box when they create a Sponsored Content campaign as well as add an impression and click tags before saving the campaign.. Additionally, LinkedIn recommends using click tags on their Sponsored Content instead of "destination URLs" or landing page URLs for more accurate tracking. This has the benefit of allowing campaign managers to continue using the LinkedIn Insight Tag to optimize their ad spending.

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