The LinkedIn social media platform has over 160 million users in the United States. For most people, using LinkedIn is something they do to connect with other like-minded business professionals. When used as intended, LinkedIn can help entrepreneurs' network and find work in their industry.

One of the main things that allows LinkedIn to stay on the top of the social media heap is their dedication to changing and growing with modern trends. Recently, the team at LinkedIn announced they are adding three new features to their website.

These features are designed to help with things like the development of relationships and community engagement. Curious about these new features? If so, check out the information below.

The Post as a Page or Member Feature

In the past, LinkedIn users had to visit their own page in order to post something. Not only was this a bit frustrating, it was also time-consuming. Now when you find something you want to post or share, you can do so from the same place. This feature will allow you to avoid losing valuable content you find due to having to visit your page to post it.

LinkedIn also thinks this feature will make for a more seamless and enjoyable user experience. Activating this new feature is as easy as turning on a toggle switch on the homepage. This toggle allows you to go between posting as an organization or a business in a hurry.

You Can Now Invite People to Follow Your LinkedIn Page

If your business has a LinkedIn page, growing the following it has is crucial. One of the best features developed by the team at LinkedIn in the past few months is the "invite to follow" option. This option provides page managers with the ability to invite first-degree connections to follow the page.

Not only can you invite people to follow your page, the user also has an option to ignore or opt-out of these invitations with the click of a button. This feature is in-line with LinkedIn's desire to provide a platform where entrepreneurs and business professionals can engage with each other and thrive. As time goes by, this feature will be used by business owners in a number of industries to improve their online presence.

LinkedIn Live is a Gamechanger

In the past, the ability to produce a livestream broadcast on LinkedIn was only reserved for personal profiles. With the LinkedIn Live feature, users are now able to livestream whenever they want. The team at LinkedIn claims that videos like this get nearly seven times the reaction as written or picture content. Learning how to utilize the power of live streams can help you increase engagement and brand awareness.

Looking For More LinkedIn Information?

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