It’s November, and the official start of the holiday season is right around the corner. In fact, some consumers began their holiday shopping back in October. However, the biggest shopping days of the season are still ahead of us, and business owners need to think about the best ways to create effective online marketing campaigns. To help business owners and marketers achieve their goals for the 2019 holiday season, Google has released some data about consumer behavior and how to create online campaigns that move people to action. 

Google conducted a study in four international markets to help identify the things that matter most to consumers in that region. The data provides insight into shopper motivations in the U.S., U.K., India, and Brazil. 

Contrary to what many people think, social media isn’t the grand motivator that some marketers think that it is. Social media content can increase awareness about a product. However, simply having something on Facebook or having an Instagram influencer promote the product isn’t enough to sway hearts and minds. After years of being bombarded with products and images on social media, many consumers in the U.S. are looking for more when they make online purchases. 

Most Americans consider getting a good price on a high-quality item is more important than other factors. When ranking the factors that matter most to them, Google’s survey respondents noted that getting the lowest price for an item, free shipping, as well as deals and discounts are what motivate Americans the most when it comes to shopping online. 

In the report, Google suggests, “When you can beat the competition, make sure you show it. And keep an eye on the market to get a sense of what specific products might be worth undercutting.” The report also notes, “Consumers in the U.S. are much more interested in fast shipping times than in-store pickup.”

The responses from the survey participants also showed how popular online shopping is with consumers in the U.S. For example, the average user bought more than four items of hard goods (i.e., not digital purchases) every month Similarly, the average person spent more than $150 on recent online shopping trips. The survey was conducted in October, so the rate purchase and the amount spent is likely to increase in months like November and December.

Marketers may be surprised by which things mattered to consumers. For example, having the ingredients listed for a product is more important than popularity on social media and even more important than recommendations from family and friends or loyalty rewards program. 

For the most part, consumers in the U.K. were motivated by the same things that North American’s found enticing. However, because of the different tax systems in Europe, and the international shipping needed for many online transactions, U.K shoppers need to pay attention to other factors that could raise the price beyond what the person is willing to pay. 

As Google stated in the report, “U.K. shoppers may pay more attention to customs, taxes, and shipping times in the near future, which might affect the rank and order of their values.”

Marketers should look at this recent report from Google to figure out what matters most for their target audience and for the goods they sell. The document breaks up the results for hard goods, soft goods, and everyday essentials. Using this data can help marketers create more compelling online campaigns. 

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