After years in the internet marketing business, I have learned that everything comes with unseen costs, including Google Ads. While pay-per-click ads, like Google Ads, are an invaluable part of any marketing strategy, you have to be savvy and find ways to eliminate some of the hidden costs that may be increasing your marketing budget and causing you to spend more than you should.

Here, I'm going to explain some of the most common and expensive hidden costs you should know about when creating Google Ads.

Your Time

Creating Google Ads comes with several pitfalls. Lackluster customer support, overly simple guides, and more make the development of your Google Ads more challenging than it should be. If you don't take time to figure out what you are doing, you may waste a lot of time learning this platform. All the while, you will be vulnerable to all types of mistakes that can cause you to waste your marketing budget.

Using Irrelevant Terms

Keyword search matches can range from less than ten a month to billions per month. The results all come down to whether you've set up your keyword match types properly. Some of the options you have to choose from include:

  • Broad match: The keyword chosen can be replaced by phrases and words that are similar. That can open your Ad up to billions of different combinations. However, based on the service or product you offer, this may help you figure out which terms to use.
  • Phrase match: This lets your keyword be put into a longer phrase. It is important to watch search terms to ensure your ads are paired properly with the user's search intent.
  • Exact match: This only allows for the exact keyword you have chosen and the word's common misspellings. If you use keywords with higher search control and volume, this can be helpful.

Using the right match types is essential if you want to avoid wasting money on your Google Ads.

Low-Quality Ad Copy

Creating a quality ad can be a daunting and labor-intensive task. If you are lazy when you write the copy for your ad, it will cost you. Your ad's performance is often tied to the quality of your copy as it relates to the keywords you have decided to bid for. If you don't include your keywords in your ad copy, you aren't establishing value. This means you will pay a higher cost per click (CPC).

By including the keywords you choose to focus on and creating quality ad copy, you can significantly reduce what you spend on your Google Ads.

Creating Affordable, Effective Google Ads

When it comes to creating affordable and effective Google Ads, there are more than a few factors to consider. Be sure to keep the information here in mind -- it will help you reduce your costs and achieve more results with your ads.