Covid-19's effect on businesses is unlike anything I have seen before. To respond to this crisis, I believe it'll take reflection, planning, and aggressive execution.

In many situations, when a crisis or downturn occurs, the first thing to be cut are marketing budgets. While this is what usually happens, it shouldn't. Every business needs a crisis recovery plan that helps ensure they can operate during the pandemic-- and marketing, when executed properly, will play a huge role in this.

Developing and adopting a COVID-19 crisis-recovery-growth plan will help any business regardless of size or industry overcome the impact this pandemic has.

SEO and Marketing During the Crisis

Any crisis has multiple stages. During the management stage of the crisis-- when things are actually happening-- be sure to:

  • Maintain your website and (if possible) improve your digital relevance
  • Begin developing new content
  • Make sure your local maps and listings are accurate
  • Add content related to COVID

Each of these steps will help your customers and clients see you are paying attention to the crisis and taking action in any way you can to help combat the negative impact it has on your business, your clients, and the world.

Finding a New Normal During Recovery

During the recovery phase, you must listen to your customers to find out how you can alter or change your business and package what you have to offer in an effective manner.

This is something that involves:

  • Creating new interest with unique offers
  • Using email to amplify your omnichannel efforts
  • A targeted relaunch of your paid media efforts
  • Optimize mobile using superior navigation and accelerated mobile pages (AMP)
  • Invest in SEO prioritization on things like technical health, voice, and schemas

Getting Back in the Game

When you are ready to get back into the swing of things fully, it is important that you continue focusing on the right SEO and marketing efforts. It's often hard to say what these are. Usually, they include things like new content marketing efforts, scaling your paid media presence aggressively, and leveraging prospecting. However, each company is different so your crisis plan may also look somewhat different.

Offer and Receive Help

Again, while there are some companies that have put investing in marketing on the back burner during this pandemic, this isn't a smart move. Now more than ever your customers and clients need to know you are there and will be there when things begin to reopen. You can use your marketing channels to provide reassurance, empathy, and offer help. These represent some of the best ways you can retain your existing customers while building an all new customer base.

Now is the time to engage the professionals if you aren't sure how to approach the Covid-19 crisis from a marketing standpoint. They can help evaluate your current efforts (if any) and create a plan that will work during each stage of the crisis and recovery process.