Almost all business owners are aware of the potential of mobile marketing for attracting new visitors to a website. While mobile websites have seen their overall use increase with every year, the conversion rate for mobile websites has been underwhelming. A recent study from Qubit examines some of the reasons that mobile sites fail to convert and what marketers can do to make their mobile sites better at getting customers to buy.

To help understand the factors that determine the conversion rate for mobile websites, Qubit analyzed more than 1.2 billion interactions from sites that uses Qubit services. The results were somewhat surprising and showed that contrary to popular belief, price alone isn't the most important factor for explaining low mobile conversion rate. Instead, improving the customer experience may be a bigger concern for most mobile shoppers.  

This new report from Qubits shows just how important it is to make things on a website easy to find. Among the global respondents to the survey 47 percent said that they would complete more purchases via mobile if 'the browsing experience was easier or faster'. Similarly, 44 percent said they would if 'it was easier to find exactly what I want.'

Improving the mobile shopping experience can have a ripple effect that increases the revenue from other channels. This makes sense seeing that many shoppers use their mobile device for browsing, then wait until their at a desktop to finish the transaction. The researchers from Qubit revealed an average observable impact of 19 percent on cross-channel sales, where mobile discovery leads to computer revenue, an increase of more than 93% from 2016. In some cases as many as 1 in 3 computer transactions are directly influenced by a prior mobile discovery journey.

Another way the Qubit report shows the importance of making it easy to find items is by examining the sales funnel for desktop and mobile devices. The researchers divided the sales funnel into four stages, then analyzed how many customers make it through each step. Both mobile and desktop sites show similar metrics for each step until they reach the selection stage to add something to their cart. Nearly 28 percent fewer people made it from selection stage to the checkout phase when using a mobile device.

There are a lot of ways business owners can improve their mobile site to make product discovery easier. However, one way brands can improve product discovery that is recommended by Qubit is by using artificial intelligence or machine learning. Qubit estimates that AI-powered discovery helps customers find 2.25 times more products, making them 80 percent more likely to buy.

And while this particular article on the Qubit report focused on discovering new products, keep in mind that improving checkout services can also be a large help. More than a quarter of the respondents said they wished it was easier to pay.

The Qubit report on mobile conversions is fairly large and has a lot of in-depth information about mobile conversions that marketers should check out. The report is free to download.

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