It's June, which means kids are out for vacation and the official start of summer is around the corner. With many people taking this opportunity to go on vacation, it's a great time for travel-related businesses. The challenge for business owners is to create better experiences for customers and translating that into better marketing methods. A recently study from Qualtrics offers insight into the factors consumers use to determine the quality of a hotel they visited.

Qualtrics recently surveyed 1,000 international travelers to see what factors determined the quality of their visit. The study also looked into the things consumers do and search for when they are trying to choose a hotel for their next vacation. Travel-related business owners can use this data to make their hotels better to stay at and create more effective marketing that focuses on the things consumers really care about.

It may go without saying, but the cleanliness was one of the most important determining factors for how consumers perceive hotel quality. Two out of three (66 percent) negative experiences are primarily the result of a dirty room. In contrast, a clean room was believed to be responsible for three quarters (76 percent) of the positive experiences people said they had.

Another result from the survey that shouldn't surprise many people is that guest staff interactions are also an important factor for hotel visitors. According to the Qualtrics study, unfriendly employees are to blame for 57 percent of bad hotel visits.

Just as having the internet tends to make people happier at home, hotel guests are pleased when they can access the web from their room. In this survey, internet service was considered the main reason for a positive experience two thirds (65 percent) of the time.

Of course, in order for customers to enjoy their visit, hotels have to convince customers to stay at the hotel. The Qualtrics study has information that can help hotel owners market their locations more effectively.

There are a lot of amenities hotels can offer and promote, but with limited space on marketing materials and limited attention spans in people, it's best to focus on the most popular amenities. According to Qualtrics, the most desired amenities are an on-site restaurant (86 percent), convenient parking (83 percent) and having a pool/spa (68 percent).

As with other forms of online marketing, ratings and reviews are essential for attracting customers. More than two thirds of patrons in the survey read guest ratings when choosing where to stay.

The Qualtrics survey has a lot of interesting information that hotel owners and other professionals can use to improve their establishment and their marketing. To see the full data set, use this link to see the data on their Google Drive. And for people that prefer visual materials, use this link to see an infographic with some facts and highlights.

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