You may wonder what the point of this article is? Why should you test your ads? Isn't just paying Google enough to get your ads where they need to be?

While Google Ads can help increase qualified traffic to your site, it only works if you optimize the ad campaigns you create and ensure they offer value. Unfortunately, if you aren't testing your ads, you may never know the answer to this.

Understanding A/B Testing

A/B testing is a type of digital experiment where you have a control ad and variations to the ad. The control and variants are displayed randomly, and as someone is served each variation, engagement is recorded and tracked.

Google automatically collects the information on the dashboard and then analyzes it to determine which ad performs best.

When you have these metrics, you can figure out what effect changes have on user behavior. The more you get to know your audience, the better you can serve them.

Why A/B Testing Is Important

With A/B testing, you can ask focused questions about the changes and get answers to them. You can also see the direct impact of changes made. When you test Google Ads, you can take the guesswork from ad optimization and make decisions based on actual data.

Tips to Start A/B Testing Your Google Ads

Before you can test your new ads, it's good to see where your existing ones stand. To do this, you need to:

  • Review your reporting
  • Create a hypothesis of what might work if you change it
  • Set up the tests

How to Create Ad Variants

Once you have your foundation for A/B testing, it's time to create ad variations. There are three basic types you can make:

1. Find and Replace

With Find and Replace, you can find a phrase or word in your text ads and swap it for another. Also, with Find and Replace, you can adjust the copy in your ads and have the option to match the case.

This is a smart option if you are testing variants such as "Learn More" or "Read More."

2. Update Text

Are you making changes that still require the use of filters? If so, consider the Update Text variation.

3. Swap Headlines

You can flip Headline One and Two that you created earlier with this variation. It's a good option if you want to see what CTA location works the best.

Now Get Testing 

It is worth noting that A/B testing does require some time and effort. While this is true, it's worth it in the end. With this testing, you can figure out which Google Ad variations work the best and what you may need to change to improve performance further. In the end, this testing will help you create stronger ads that are seen by more people who are searching for what you offer.