As a reputable and responsible brand, you add the "unsubscribe" buttons or links to all emails you send.

Unfortunately, the truth is that if subscribers opt-out of your offer -- it hurts. At this point, they are moving to start a relationship with another company, probably your competition, and the likelihood of winning this lost customer back is virtually non-existent.

What if I told you that isn't entirely true?

Years of hands-on experience have helped me discover a few tricks that can be quite effective in retaining subscribers. One of these tricks relies on the layout, look, and impact of your unsubscribe page. Too many businesses have overlooked the real power of this page and how, when optimized, it can help you make customers think twice about leaving you for good.

Now is the time to evaluate your unsubscribe page and use the tips below to make it encourage users to stick around.

Brand the Page

Be sure your unsubscribe page looks unique and shows off your brand identity. Make sure you don't create yet another gray, dull, basic, "you will no longer receive our emails" unsubscribe page. Instead, focus on designing it using your brand icons, images, colors, and other essential brand assets.

You can use online graphic design tools and customizable templates to help you better brand your page.

Allow the Person to Stay

When creating your unsubscribe page, it is best to avoid a one-click unsubscribe process. Instead, build a page where the person has to confirm they want to cancel. If you do this, just ensure the unsubscribe page is compliant with all applicable laws.

It's also smart to organize this page so visitors can change their minds and resubscribe if they desire. You could create a field with a bright resubscribe button after their final confirmation. This will help you recapture anyone who isn't sure about their decision.

Use a Personal Touch or Approach

Compliments and a personal touch in your messaging matter and can be effective when trying to keep subscribers. This is especially when you are trying to give someone a sincere goodbye. Make sure your unsubscribe page is simple, to the point, and clean. However, be sure it is personal, too.

It should be clear that you are sad about someone's decision to leave, but you respect their decision.

Try to create content that sounds human rather than like a robot. Try to avoid professional jargon or slang, or long paragraphs. Instead, use positive context to help win these individual's favor, all while maintaining your brand voice.

Adding a GIF or image, your brand fonts, colors, and honest message will help people who unsubscribe remember you, even after they leave.

Recapturing Your Subscribers

It's not always possible to recapture a subscriber once they decide to unsubscribe. While this is true, the tips above will help you give it one last effort. This will give you the best chance of keeping people who have subscribed to what you offer.