For many consumers, Uber is a platform they predominately use for ride-sharing services. However, the company has made significant inroads into the food delivery market with Uber Eats. Uber Eats can help restaurants make more money by giving them a delivery option, without having to pay a worker to handle the deliveries. According to recent reports, Uber is making plans to offer advertising services to restaurants, which could become a huge marketing opportunity for business owners. 

In an article in TechCrunch last week, a recent job listing was noted that suggests Uber was planning to enter the advertising market. The listing was for an Uber Eats Ad Lead. And the description the company gave made it clear what their plan is. The listing describes the position as someone who will "lead the team and efforts responsible for creating a new ads business that enables eaters to discover new foods and restaurants to grow their customer base."

Though they didn't go into much detail, the basics of the plan were confirmed by Uber in a response to TechCrunch. An Uber spokesperson confirmed the company would be entering the ads business by telling the online journal, "We are exploring relevant ads in Eats."

Since Uber is only at the stage where they're hiring Group Product Managers, it may be many months before any beta tests begin. However, it's clear that Uber will eventually try their hands at generating revenue from ads. It's a no-brainer for Uber to try this tactic. They have an app and a service that's used by millions of people every day. It's the ideal place to show ads for restaurants that use Uber Eats to reach more customers. 

Using their popular app for ad space would also be a useful (and much needed) revenue source for Uber. Ride-sharing companies like Uber have been operating at a loss since they first started. During its IPO, one of the concerns of investors is the fact that Uber hasn't made a profit. And for as much as people use the platform, the company hasn't been able to convert that into a profitable endeavor. Selling ads on for restaurants on Uber Eats would generate money while using resources it already has, and they won't have to split the revenue with other parties.

For business owners, having Uber enter the advertising space could create new opportunities to reach potential customers. With Uber Eats, restaurant owners can sell meals to people who can't drive to their establishment. And since people who are using Uber Eats are already primed and ready to order some food, it's the perfect place to show an ad for a restaurant they haven't tried, along with a coupon to make the deal a little sweeter. It's easy to see how this can be extremely helpful for any eatery in ideal circumstances. 

Once Uber is ready to launch its advertising platform, it will be entering a crowded marketplace that's dominated by Google and Facebook. However, the unique position of UberEats when it comes to food-related ads will give business owners a reason to advertise their establishments on the platform. And being an early adopter when the program goes live is an opportunity to reach customers who are ready to eat and try something new. 

Once Uber Eats ads are ready to roll, restaurant owners and marketers will have a useful tool to reach potential customers. The ads can be used alongside Google and Facebook offerings to increase the brand's exposure. 

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