Interactive content is considered essential for any online marketing plan, as it's extremely effective when trying to educate potential customers.

Modern shoppers want to interact with brands. They want to actively engage with services and products before buying anything. This means that text-heavy, static content isn't enough to influence a sale online. In today's marketing landscape, creating interactive content is the fuel your brand needs for success.

Interactive content is any type of content that encourages users to engage with it instead of just consuming it passively, including interactive infographics, assessments, calculators, videos, and white papers

Think about other interactive content that has soared in popularity over the years, such as Netflix binges and video games. Simply put, people stick with content that engages them, challenges them, and teaches them something new.

A quality marketer would ask: Is interactive content really worth all the hype it gets?

The short answer to this is yes.

That said, here are two reasons to consider using interactive content as part of your marketing strategy.

Improve engagement rates.

Many online users will spend time watching a video, but few will actually read the content. Adding interactivity to the mix can improve conversions. What's more, people love to share this type of unique and cool interactive content on social media. Even basic types of interactive content can cause a reaction, making it more engaging than a simple, written article, even one that is well-written.

Acquire more data.

This is the data-driven age, where the data collected about online users is considered some of the most valuable information available to marketers. The more data acquired, and the more relevant and accurate the advertising is, the easier it is to optimize your business's marketing campaigns.

The problem for many businesses is finding an effective way to get data in a way that people respect and trust. With interactive content, you can create immersive content that will grab someone's attention and provide a more personalized experience. This makes it easier to persuade others to give out their information, such as their email to receive quiz results or their preferences and opinions on a product.

All said, interactive content offers an effective way to improve your brand messaging, make it more engaging, and improve conversions. If you aren't using interactive content yet, now is a good time to be using it to see all that it has to offer.