Many businesses use search engine optimization to target specific regions or cities. However, if your goal is to increase awareness and gain attention from customers nearby, such as individuals who are within walking distance to your business, general terms may not be sufficient.

The solution to this problem lies in hyper-local SEO practices, which will help increase foot traffic in the neighborhoods you are trying to reach thanks to the use of hyper-targeted keywords and on-site website optimization.

Hyper-Local SEO Defined

Hyper-local SEO is a type of search engine optimization. However, rather than being vast and all-encompassing, it is on a micro level. When used properly, it can help to grow online visibility to potential customers in a granular manner--sometimes down to a neighborhood or block. This is a smart move if you are a local mechanic, restaurant, or another business serving a specific area in a town or city.

You have likely benefited from hyper-local searches yourself when searching for certain types of businesses while out and about. For example, if you are in Boston's financial district and are looking for a place to go for lunch, you may search "restaurant Boston financial district." Putting this into Google provides you with hyper-local search results.

Now that you understand the value of this tactic, here are some tips that will help your business appear in local search results.

Find and Target the Right Hyper-Local Keywords

Finding the right keywords for a limited area can be challenging. There are a few things that can help you get started.

One option is to use Google Autocomplete. To do this, open Google Chrome and enter a search query using the search bar. When you do this, you will see similar search terms to what you are typing. These are helpful because they show what others are searching for.

Make a list of the related terms. After typing in the search term, scroll to the bottom to find more options in the "Searches related to..." section.

Verify and Set Up Your Google Business Listing

Google pulls a lot of the information it provides searchers from your business listing. If you haven't verified or filled out everything, you are missing out. Now is the time to fill out everything on your listing to ensure you have the best chance possible of showing up in Google search results.

Use the Hyper-Local Terms on Your Website

After finding the right keywords, start using them on your website. Include the hyper-local terms in your headings, titles, metadata, image alt text, text, and anywhere else Google crawls.

And if after you take these steps, you still need help with hyper-local search rankings, hire the pros. They can help ensure your site shows up for people searching nearby. This will help you generate more interest and more foot traffic for your business.