When analysts say that more people are watching content on the internet rather than traditional television, that statement can be a little misleading. It's not that people aren't using their 50" 4k screens for entertainment. However, it has become increasingly likely that people will use Smart TV apps, dongles (e.g. Chromecast, Roku, etc.), and other methods to watch online content on their television. Following a test earlier this year, Google has made it possible for advertisers around the world to serve YouTube ads to people who are watching the content on their televisions. 

Allowing advertisers to show content on large TV screens has several advantages for business owners. A larger screen makes for more compelling advertising when compared to showing YouTube ads on mobile devices and other smaller screens. It also means that advertisers can create ads that are specifically tailored for TV screens. Originally, these ads were only available for North America, but with the latest update, advertisers around the world can take advantage of the Masthead YouTube ads. 

As the company explained in an announcement about the expansion, "After successful test campaigns in select markets, the YouTube Masthead is now globally available on TV screens for all advertisers to buy on a CPM basis. It can be purchased as part of a seamless cross-screen buy that runs on mobile, desktop and TV screens or as part of a single-screen only buy that runs just on TV Screens."

The FOX network was one of the early adopters of this technique, and the company recently used it to promote their "Masked Singer" event. According to officials at FOX, the YouTube Masthead ads for The Masked Singer were effective. 

According to the announcement, Natalie Park, VP of Media, FOX stated, "This first-of-its-kind initiative reaches viewers where they live, right at their point of viewing, and with YouTube's scale, it's the perfect partnership and a fantastic way to promote our #1 show."

The expanded feature is perfect for the holidays. Many consumers use YouTube to search for gift ideas and to get reviews from people who have used popular products. Advertisers who use Masthead ads can highlight their seasonal sales or the products that would make great holiday gifts for friends and family. 

YouTube Masthead ads on TV screens are now widely available for all advertisers to buy on a CPM basis. The rich audio and visual experience of the YouTube Masthead on TV screens, combined with the home placement means the potential to drive awareness is larger than ever.

YouTube has set up a link where advertisers can review the Masthead with their own videos and see how their customizations would affect the look of the ad. If you're interested in trying this new format this holiday season, contact your Google sales team for more details.

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