By now, most consumers are keenly aware that YouTube is a thing and that the platform is a legitimate place to find content and promote your business. However, many would be surprised by just how much consumers use YouTube. According to their most recently released data, more than 1.9 billion users are logging into Google-owned YouTube each month and on average, users now watch over 180 million hours of YouTube on TV screens every day. To help business owner and marketers use YouTube to the fullest, the platform is rolling out a new creator dashboard.

Several months ago, YouTube launched a new YouTube Studio dashboard. Though still in beta, the system already has many features that can help content creators and marketers. For example, there are custom date ranges for Analytics are back to help help users find detailed data to analyze. Just in the past week, YouTube added Location Tagging,  where you can now tag your video recording location on a video, and a simpler way to add a video to an existing playlist. The ability to create playlists will be added soon.  

All in all, these changes to the YouTube dashboard can be helpful for creating new content that delivers engagement and fosters stronger relationships between the content creator and the viewers. YouTube is already seeing massive growth in the amount of engagement they receive through their platform.

"Our overall interactions, such as likes, comments and chats, grew by more than 60 percent year over year. More and more creators are building their businesses and discovering that they can shape the global conversation with just a phone and an Internet connection," Wojcicki said in a mid-year update over the weekend.

To use the new YouTube studio may still be in beta,  but it can be accessed at or by clicking the blue YouTube Studio beta button in the left menu in the current Creator Studio (now called "Creator Studio Classic"). An important limitation to note is that right now is that the YouTube Studio beta is currently only available for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox on desktop. These tools will almost undoubtedly will become available for other browsers and mobiles devices in the future.

It may not be necessary to make the switch immediately, but YouTube creators and marketers should start getting used to the new systems now. Though the new dashboard is still in beta testing, it will soon become the standard. It's the hope of Google and YouTube that "YouTube Studio will be the new home for creators".

The company believes that the new platform is built to cater to creator workflows better, and to allow us to build impactful creator features, faster, better, and more reliably. So even though it is currently possible to switch back to the old creator dashboard, that won't always be the case. YouTube has said they will eventually shut down Creator Studio classic. So content creators and YouTube marketers should spend time with the system and give feedback before the new system goes live and the old dashboard is retired.

YouTube and Google have even hinted at the some of the additional features that will come to YouTube Studio in the near future. These include bulk actions in videos, headlines that tell how the latest video is performing, and where changes in performance come from. As well as normalized data for key metrics to give users a good sense of how their latest upload is performing, as compared to previous uploads for the first hours/days.

There will also be better visualization tools like multi-line graphs and tables in the Analytics, a Copyright Match Tool for eligible creators and the first version of a new video editor, including Trimming and End Screens, a new uploads interface, and improved live stream video management.

YouTube is already a helpful platform business owners and content creators. The changes that will come to the new YouTube Studio may make the platform more useful than ever in creating memorable experiences for audiences and creators.