Time is money, especially when you're an entrepreneur who runs a successful business. This makes being productive with your time more valuable than ever. While you've probably heard of numerous productivity hacks such as making to-do lists, doing morning yoga, cutting out distractions, and planning ahead, these tricks might not always increase your productivity as much as you want them to. Let's be honest, if it was that easy, we'd all find a way to operate at peak levels and get ourselves ahead of schedule.

If you're a budding entrepreneur who's tried productivity hacks before, only to find yourself relapsing back to your same old procrastinating self, here are 3 expensive ways to seriously boost your productivity that you might just find worth the price.

1. Hire a personal assistant

Batman would never have had the time to fight off supervillains in the streets of Gotham if it wasn't for Alfred, his handy dandy personal assistant and butler. Hiring a personal assistant can bring a plethora of benefits that kickstart your productivity back to high gear. For one, they help by doing all the menial tasks you hate doing as an entrepreneur, such as billing clients, making phone calls, scheduling meetings, and handling expenses. This way, all your time is spent focusing on what can truly make or break your company - you know, the important stuff.

A reliable personal assistant can also offer you a second opinion on decisions you're unsure about and give you a unique perspective you might never have considered. This is extremely helpful if you're someone like me who often resorts to procrastinating when faced with a tough decision.

Perhaps most important of all, a personal assistant controls your scheduling, and the most valuable assistants will hold you accountable for your work. Having someone around like that forces you to be productive by kicking your butt when your productivity begins to waver.

2. Reward yourself handsomely

A new TV, a new car, heck - who's not to say even a new house. Don't just give yourself little pats on the back like allowing yourself a candy bar or YouTube break whenever you achieve some goal or milestone for the day. Set yourself some truly worthwhile goals and give yourself even larger rewards for achieving them. This is what it means to be an entrepreneur, to dream big and reap all the rewards that come with achieving your dreams.

Researchers have found that the brain releases dopamine in anticipation of reward, so feed off your own drive. By setting up rewards for achieving your goals, you give yourself a reason to continue pushing yourself day in and day out.

3. Get a personal chef

Entrepreneurs are like everyone else - they need to eat. However, when entrepreneurs are so busy with running their businesses, they're forced into taking up unhealthy eating habits. From fast food to pizza, these guilty pleasures may taste delicious, but they'll also end up destroying your productivity and zapping your energy. This is where having a personal chef can completely turn your life around. Imagine spending zero percent of your time preparing your meals or going grocery shopping. Instead of having to eat junk food to save time, you're eating full-course meals with vegetables and protein to fuel your brain and get it working at its full potential.