What is the future of transportation? What will new transportation technologies mean for the future of business?

An excellent question that demands an excellent answer.

The answers can be found in a recent survey of 513 executives whose core roles focus on the development and use of new transportation and mobility capabilities.

The results of this survey, supplemented by interviews with industry and academic experts, are at the heart of PlanetM’s eBook, Paving The Way: How Leading Businesses Are Shaping the Future of Transportation and Mobility.

PlanetM is a Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) initiative that acts as a no-cost concierge to global mobility companies, plugging them into the mobility ecosystem to accelerate innovation in the space.

The report offers a snapshot of the current transportation landscape while highlighting the steps businesses must take as they prepare for this fast-arriving future. 

This future will be built on a foundation of new technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), 5G-enabled vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, lightweight materials, and electric vehicles. These advances are propelling society and business toward an age of interconnected byways inhabited by varying degrees of autonomous conveyances. 

This revolution will present both massive challenges and endless opportunities for businesses.

The report will speak to implications for:

  • Motor vehicle fatalities and injuries
  • Energy consumption moving people and goods
  • Carbon emissions from the transportation system
  • Freight transportation costs

But it also goes into the attitudes, expectations, concerns and hopes these business decision-makers have for the future.

This report, and the attendant expert commentary, are real eye-openers. Paving The Way: How Leading Businesses Are Shaping the Future of Transportation and Mobility is a must-read for anyone looking to understand where transportation is heading and how to best leverage thee trends for their own businesses.

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