Culture is a funny thing. Some smart people think organization culture is bunk and paying attention to it is a waste of time and money: just tell people what you want them to do and pay them on time. Others think culture is the key to business success, the key to attracting and retaining the right talent, and the key to innovation and growth. I fall in the latter camp. I’ve seen too much evidence that strong, employee/customer focused cultures compete stronger, grow faster, innovate more effectively, and just as important, win the talent war.

So, if you’re a leader focused on building the kind of culture that encourages productivity and focuses on results while simultaneously focusing on the humanity of your workforce culture, it may seem counter-intuitive to look to tech-based solutions to increase the well-being of your employees, improve communication, facilitate appreciation, and improve your employer brand.

Choosing the Right Solution

Solutions across a wide range of functions that deliver greater employee well-being, solidify personal connections, align and motivate employees around a shared purpose, and strengthen communication are all culture supporters and builders. Solutions may be found in:

  • Health and welfare benefits
  • Performance management, learning, and development
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Talent acquisition
  • Other areas that affect employee experience

Look for an emphasis on creating more human interactions and a focus on organization values.

Choosing the Best Way to Communicate

Counterintuitive or not, the human capital management tech solutions sector is booming. The incidence of startups, funding, and acquisitions is growing rapidly with solutions and apps all focused on increasing the engagement of your employees. Whether or not you believe that engagement, like culture, is a thing, there certainly are solutions that will help you ensure that communication is personal, customized, and reflective of your organization’s core values, that will connect people in diverse work groups and locations, and create an enduring human community based on your core values.

Gone are the days when corporate memos to all employees were effective in communicating everything from changes at the top of the organization, to changes in benefit plans and options, to the value of continuing their careers where they are. Attention spans are short, open rates on email are getting smaller by the day, and almost everyone’s preferred mode of communication involves a smartphone. These all create huge challenges for employers who are trying to create strong, human connections with their employees who may be all over the world - or just down the hall.

Companies today invest a great deal of time and resources in trying to help their employees understand the value of working for them. But all too often, these efforts fall flat. Traditional methods like lengthy information packets or long-winded seminars and webinars are costly, impersonal, and difficult to customize, and the information is quickly outdated. They are also very sender-centric, doing little to spur engagement or help employees understand complex subjects like benefits programs, financial wellness initiatives, and general organization updates. To create a more people-oriented culture, companies must be able to make their communications into a two-way conversation, rather than bombarding their employees with one-sided information.

One solution provider, GuideSpark, has been on a mission to make employee communications more personal and enable companies to humanize their work cultures. Through a robust employee communication platform leveraging the latest technologies, such as multimedia, mobile, and video, GuideSpark transforms how companies engage their people throughout the entire employee lifecycle. 

By combining customizable content with technology, GuideSpark helps organizations communicate in their own voice and brand, creating deeper connections with their employees and driving loyalty among their workforce. The company also enables employers to measure content consumption, which is key to understanding which communications strategies are working and optimizing their message and approach. GuideSpark also helps promote healthcare consumerism and improve employee wellness, breaking down complex topics and jargon into easily understood concepts, enabling employees to be their own advocates.

In this way, companies can build meaningful connections with employees and increase engagement, productivity, and employee retention, while continually fine-tuning their communications strategies to ensure they are most effective in meeting the needs of today’s employees.

Reap the Benefits of Rewards and Recognition

The rewards and recognition landscape is being transformed by technology. Social, mobile, video - all are being leveraged to create more personal and motivating recognition experiences for employees. According to one recent study, lack of recognition on the job is one of the most cited reasons why employees leave for perceived “greener pastures.” And the power of peer-to-peer recognition (in addition to top-down recognition) has been found to be very powerful in driving greater engagement and reducing turnover.

Globoforce, a leader in the recognition sector, believes that thanking employees - often - is strategic to building a brand and achieving business goals. Done well, social, mobile, and video recognition engages employees at all organization levels and connects employees to corporate values, goals, and culture.

Using a SaaS and cloud computing platform also allows massive global deployment of social recognition programs so that every recognition moment can be celebrated across the organization. This is a powerful way to reinforce values-consistent behavior as well as business goals achievement. And this technology collects data that provide insight into the key people driving organizational success and connects recognition and performance metrics, giving leaders actionable people insights.

The use of mobile and video on a social platform engages employees from all generations - not just Millennials. In fact, Boomers are adapting quite quickly to the use of video on mobile platforms to give and receive thanks for jobs and efforts well done. 

Globoforce and GuideSpark are two of many tech companies that deliver effective retention and culture-building solutions to leaders focused on improving business performance. It may indeed be counterintuitive to think that technology can improve the humanness of a workplace. But these two organizations - and their hundreds of corporate customers all over the world - are proving that there is a very real connection between technology and greater humanity in the workplace.