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Way With Words provides audio to text services to individuals, companies and public organizations worldwide, covering:

Audio Transcription - 99%+ Accurate Audio Transcripts. Our audio transcription service is used for dictations, focus groups, interviews, polls, media presentations, speaker events across to research and proceedings. Clients include individuals,​ journalists, academics, professionals, finance institutes, emerging technologies, pharmaceuticals, government departments, police services and many more.

Video Transcription - 99%+ Accurate Video Transcripts. Our video transcription service is used for video,​ TV,​ webinars​ and film in a variety of media. Clients include production houses,​ film producers and​ brand creatives​ as well as individuals looking to have their video transcribed for use with captions, website transcripts, vlogs, YouTube and other online platforms.

Captioning - Perfectly Synchronised Video Captions. Our closed captions are used for corporate training videos,​ webinars,​ online visual promotional material,​ university lectures,​ film and television. Clients include film producers,​ corporate training departments, academic institutions,​ as well as individuals looking to have their video used with captions.

Machine Transcription Polishing - 99%+ Accurate [Corrected] Machine Transcripts. Our machine transcription polishing (MTP) service is used for a variety of AI and machine learning purposes. User applications include machine learning models that use speech-to-text for artificial intelligence research, FinTech/InsurTech, SaaS/Cloud Services, Call Centre Software and Voice Analytic services for the customer journey.

Speech Collection - Bespoke Speech Recordings With Matching Transcripts. Our service is used for the production of bespoke voice and text datasets for various domains. Each dataset can be created according to language, dialect, demography, speaker type, industry, subject matter or any other required condition. 

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