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Close More Deals

Business coaching group for leadership, marketing, and sales success.

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Norco, California
Frederick Smith
Year Founded
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1-10 employees
Data as of Publication on Aug. 11, 2020
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As a High Performance Breakthrough Expert, Fred smith is the Founder of Close More Deals, a sales and marketing business scaling organization.


Fred's clients have included:


· CEOs of major Fortune 100 companies

· Multinational insurance companies

· Celebrities, speakers and thought leaders

· Coaches and sales trainers

· Business owners and C-suite executives

· Service professionals and practitioners

· Real estate and automotive professionals


Before devoting his work full-time to Close More Deals, Fred spearheaded 5 successful launches of insurance companies that all, respectively, went from $0 to over $100 million+ in annual sales within their respective 5 years of being launched.


As an award-winning former Marine, Fred has appeared in the media and his articles published in civilian and military newspapers.


He's also co-written with Loral Langemeier from "The Secret" the "Entrepreneur Success Stories" series and co-authored with Dan S. Kennedy in his newly revised book, "The Ultimate Success Secret."


Challenging people to grow and be the best they can humanly be, is what wakes him up in the morning.

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