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Healthy GOO

Veterinary Dermatologist

Lewes, Delaware
Stephen Hauer
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1-10 employees
Data as of Publication on Aug. 11, 2020
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Is Your Itchy DOG [Enviro Allergy] SAD ?

Under the DVM Allergist / Dermatology Leadership of Dr. Kristin Holm, Healthy GOO’s iconic Doggy GOO targets Chronic Itching, Paw Chewing, Gunky Ears, Hot Spots and Yeast / Bacteria Skin Issues in Atopic Dogs by building heightened “Internal” Immune Tolerance to 15 Major Enviro Allergy Sources, with the Doggy GOO Goal that “External” Symptoms are increasingly Mitigated / Suppressed in a Modest Time Duration.

All via a Non-Prescription, 100% Mother Natural, GOO-Licious daily Peanut Butter Treat.

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