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Sales enablement platform for sales content, training, playbooks and customer engagement to make sellers more effective.

Seattle, Washington
Robert Wahbe
Year Founded
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51-200 employees
Data as of Publication on Aug. 11, 2020
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Highspot helps companies close more sales. Through AI-powered search, analytics, in-context training, guided selling, and 30+ integrations, the Highspot sales enablement platform delivers fast and easy sales enablement that sales reps and marketers love. Using Highspot, sales teams can quickly find the best-performing and relevant content, and customize it for each opportunity—while marketers gain insights on content use and effectiveness to develop a data-driven strategy. With 90 percent average monthly recurring usage and global support in 125 countries, Highspot is the most trusted solution for sales enablement. Learn how Highspot helps businesses modernize their sales and marketing by visiting

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