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Japa Mala Beads

Mala Beads & Buddhist Meditation Beads

3-Year Growth
Consumer Products & Services
Asheville, North Carolina
Timothy Burgin
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1-10 employees
Data as of Publication on Aug. 11, 2020
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Japa Mala Beads unique malas are “designed by an artist and strung by a yogi.” Mala beads are similar to a Catholic rosary—malas are beaded necklaces or bracelets but have a tassel at the end and are used as a counting and focusing technique with mantra meditation. Most of Japa Mala Beads malas are handmade in the USA using only 100% genuine gemstones, sacred woods, and hemp tassels. They use the most durable stringing materials available and have one of the best breakage guarantees in the business–108 days! Over 160 different beautiful mala bead designs are available on their website.

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