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Karess Law

Law firm specializes in personal injury, general litigation, wills, estate planning, real estate, and business formation.

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Allentown, Pennsylvania
Martin Karess
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1-10 employees
Data as of Publication on Aug. 11, 2020
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Our law firm provides over 50 years of experience in all matters pertaining to Real Estate and Wills/Probate. Our law firm provides thorough document review. So often, key language can be overlooked in standard agreements. Buying a new home or piece of property can be a complex process. An experienced law firm in real estate matters like Karess Law will review the mortgage documents prior to signing anything. Certain language could leave you, as a home buyer, at serious risk. We work with mortgage lenders to ensure you are protected.Contact us for an initial consultation by calling 610-435-3530.

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