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Newport Board Group partners help the owners of hundreds of promising middle and lower middle-market entrepreneurial businesses—independent and Sponsor-owned-- solve their biggest challenges, improve performance and grow the value of their companies. We understand your challenges because we are experienced CEO’s and board directors who have helped to create value by driving profitable growth, preparing to raise capital and exit at a higher valuation.

Our partners understand that companies need to get out of No Man’s Land where they may be stuck--due to lack of access to capital to support growth, market misalignment and lack of management team capability and business model scalability. We understand the personal challenges and stresses that CEOs face every day--because we have been there ourselves.

We help our clients achieve clarity around leadership and decision making and develop the courage and insight to perform--across a broad range of industries. Assisted by our expert network of partners in major markets across the U.S., we come up to speed quickly and start to make a difference for our clients from day one.

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