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The Future is Greater is a professional services firm that serves individual and corporate clients around the world. We provide services including Executive coaching, online courses, mentoring, workshops, and customized packages and events to help our clients achieve their personal and professional goals. A key area of expertise is in helping mothers who are struggling to find work-life balance create time to do what they want for themselves without feeling guilty or worrying about never-ending to-do lists.
Company Founder Maxine Nwaneri believes that this “Me” time for Mums to focus on themselves is not some sort of luxury for “when there is time”, but it is absolutely necessary for women’s mental and physical health, and for all the important people and things that they look after to thrive. She is therefore passionate about helping women overcome the very real obstacles to prioritizing themselves and their self-care, so they can thrive both professionally and personally.
Maxine holds an MBA from Cambridge University, and her work has impacted the lives of numerous women all around the world. The Company’s work and the message have been featured on TV, at numerous stages internationally, and in several online publications including Success Magazine, Huffpost, DiversityQ and Thrive Global.
Mums, use our step-by-step system to create time for yourself WITHOUT feeling like a bad mother.
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